Career Counseling


  • What Now?
  • What Next?

  • Who Do I Want To Be?
How Can My Life Be More Satisfying?
  • What Kind of Education Should I Pursue?

At ages 22 or 72, these can be imperative yet confusing, even frightening, questions.
We offer a systematic approach to helping you find the best answers for you.

Your deepest motivations, values, interests, and skills are identified and
placed on a matrix that allows you to clarify those work and life paths that best
express who you want to be and what you want to do.

Our work then helps you move on to develop practical and flexible approaches
to career and other life decisions, incorporating specific skills
and techniques that maximize your chances of success.

Career counseling services usually require between
two and ten sessions, depending on your unique needs,
and often you are eligible for insurance reimbursement.


Counseling & Coaching
Role Playing
Referrals to Other Community Resources

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“How Do You Know It’s Time to Change Jobs and How to Go About Doing It”