Couples Therapy and Marriage Wellness Checks

Coupling is complicated. We can help you negotiate the thoughts, feelings and decisions involved in all facets of being in a committed relationship with another human being including:


Getting together
Staying together
Building a family
Emptying the Nest
Retiring Together
Aging Together
Divorcing Each other

Issues that May Impact Couples

Anger, Conflicts, Resentments
Balancing Career, Partnering, Parenting
Balancing “Me Time” and “We Time”
Health Problems
In-laws and their Impact
Intimacy & Sex
Loss of a Child


Pre-Marital/Commitment Counseling:
In-Depth Exploration of Key Relational Issues

Marriage Wellness Checks:
Why not schedule a marriage wellness check before there are problems? Talk about what is going well, what needs renegotiation, what isn’t working.

  • The First Year: How’s It Going?
  • Seven Year Tune-Up
  • Fifteen Years: Let’s Review
  • When the Kids Leave: Getting to Know Us Again
  • Do You Still Love Me Now That We’re 65?

Couples and Family Therapy for:

  • Traditional families
  • Blended Families
LGBT Couples
  • Couples Coping with Chronic Pain or Illness
  • Couples When One or Both Members are Hearing-Impaired 

Please see our News and Events page for programs we offer, including:

“Can We Talk?:
Issues to Discuss BEFORE Marriage/Commitment”

 “Key Couples Conflicts:
What They Are & What To Do About Them”

 “When Alcohol or Drugs Are in Play: How to Know and What To Do”