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June 2017: Mindful Eating, By Charryse Johnson, MA
June Article: Mindful Eating

May 2017: Community, By Amanda W. Jamison, Psy.D
May Article: Community

April 2017: Tai Chi, By Janet L. Athey, Ph.D
April Article: Tai Chi

February 2017: It Takes Humility to be Close, By Bentley Ball, M.A., L.P.C.
February Article: It Takes Humility to be Close

January 2017: Dogs at Work, By Lynn Yates, MSW, LCSW 
January Article: Dogs At Work

December 2016: Coping with Holiday Stress, By Brandon Risher, MA, LPA, HSP-PA
December Article: Coping with Holiday Stress

November 2016: Gratitude, By Catherine Carstarphen, M.A., M.Div., D.Min.
November Article: Gratitude

October 2016: Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain, By Patricia Fisher, LCSW
October Article: Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain

September 2016: Marital Relationships: Providing an Effective, Respectful Response,  By The Rev. Brant Piper, Pastoral Psychotherapist
September Article: Marital Relationships
September Podcast: Marital Relationships

August 2016: Managing Homework, by T. Shontelle MacQueen, Ph.D.
August Article: Managing Homework
August Podcast:Managing Homework

July 2016: Summer Sports, by John C. Simpson, Ph.D.
July Article: Summer Sports
July Podcast: Summer Sports

June 2016: Summer Survival Strategies, by Julie Sanniota, Ph.D.
June Article: Summer Survival Strategies
June Podcast: Summer Survival Strategies

May 2016: Healthy Aging,  by Anne Payne, M.A., LPCA, NCC
May Article: Healthy Aging
May Podcast: Healthy Aging

April 2016: Parenting Tips for Busy Parents, by Janet L. Athey, Ph.D
April Article: Parenting Tips for Busy Parents
April Podcast: Parenting Tips for Busy Parents

March 2016: Substance Induced Mental Disorders, by Vivian Campbell, M.D.
March Article: Substance Induced Mental Disorders
March Podcast: Substance Induced Mental Disorders

February 2016: Relationships and Conflict, by Bentley Ball, M.A., L.P.C.
February Article: Relationships and Conflict
February Podcast: Relationships and Conflict

January 2016: Sleep Health, by Kim L, Moseley, MSW, LCSW, Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach
January Article: Sleep Health
January Podcast: Sleep Health

December 2015: Coping with Holiday Stress, by Liz Hudson, M.A., L.P.A. 
December Article: Holiday Stress
December Podcast: Holiday Stress 

November 2015: Forgivenessby Tammie Lesesne, M.A., L.P.C.
November Article: Forgiveness
November Podcast: Forgiveness

October 2015: Mourning Beyond the Loss, by Mary Gail Frawley-O’Dea, Ph.D, Executive Director, Counseling Center. Senior Licensed Psychologist, Psychoanalyst & Trauma Specialist
October Article: Mourning Beyond the Loss
October Podcast: Mourning Beyond the Loss

September 2015: Marriage Wellness Checkup, by Brandon Risher, M.A., L.P.A.; Licensed Psychological Associate
September Article: Marriage Wellness Checkup
September Podcast: Marriage Wellness Checkup

August 2015: Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy,  by Catherine Carstarphen, M.A., M.Div., D.Min.
August Article: Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy
August Podcast: Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

July 2015: Teens & Parents, by John Simpson, Ph.D., Senior Licensed Psychologist
July Article: Teens & Parents
July Podcast: Teens & Parents

June 2015: Yoga & Anxiety, by Patricia (Tricia) Fisher, LSCW, RYT 200
June Article: Yoga & Anxiety
June Podcast: Yoga & Anxiety

May 2015: So You’re Getting Married? What to Talk About Before the Wedding, by The Rev. Brant Piper, M.A., M.Div.; NC Certified-Based Practicing Pastoral Counselor
May Article: So You’re Getting Married? What to Talk About Before the Wedding
May Podcast: So You’re Getting Married? What to Talk About Before the Wedding

April 2015: Using Sensory Integration to Treat Child & Adolescents, by Janet Athey, PhD
April Article: Using Sensory Integration to Treat Child & Adolescents
April Podcast: Using Sensory Integration to Treat Child & Adolescents

March 2015:   Depressed About Anxiety? by Mary Christenbury, M.D
March Article: Depressed About Anxiety?
March Podcast: Depressed About Anxiety?

February 2015:  Educating Young Adults about Sexual Assault Prevention, by Anne Payne, M.A., LPCA, NCC
February Article: Sexual Assault Prevention
February Podcast: Sexual Assault Prevention

January 2015: Setting and Living out New Year’s Goals, by Kim Moseley MSW, LCSW, Certified Integrative Health Coach
January Article: Setting and Living out New Year’s Goals
January Podcast: Setting and Living out New Year’s Goals

December 2014: Divorce & Kids: Helping Them Cope and Thrive
December Article: Divorce & Kids
December Podcast: Divorce & Kids

November 2014: Coping with Chronic Pain or Illness:  Psychological & Spiritual Dimension
 November Article: Coping with Chronic Pain
November Podcast: Coping with Chronic Pain

October 2014: The Emotional Work of the Sandwich Generation
2014 October Article: The Sandwich Generation
October Podcast: Sandwich Generation

September 2014:  Sexual Abuse:  Facts, Figures, Consequences, Healing
2014 September Article:  Sexual Abuse
September Podcast: Sexual Abuse

August 2014:  Middle School Bullying:  Preventing and Coping With It
2014 August Article:  Bullying
Podcast- Middle School Bullying

July 2014:  Career Counseling
2014 July Article:  Career Counseling
Podcast-Career Counseling

June 2014:  Military Families & Reuniting After Deployment
2014 June Article: Military Families & Reuniting After Deployment
Military Families & Reuniting After Deployment  (Podcast)

May 2014:  Treatment Options: Psychotherapy, Medication, or Both
2014 May Article: Treatment Options
Treatment Options (Podcast)

April 2014:  Connected, Disconnected, or In Danger – read details about our Fall Conference

March 2014:  The Autism Spectrum: Understanding the Spectrum, Supporting the Family & Child
2014 March Article: The Autism Spectrum
The Autism Spectrum (Podcast)

February 2014:  The Psychology of Aging by Catherine Carstarphen, M. Div.
2014 Feb Article: Conscious Aging
Conscious Aging (Podcast)

January 2014:  Detecting Depression in Yourself and Others by John Simpson, Ph.D.
2014 Jan Article:  Depression  
Detecting Depression in Yourself and Others (Podcast)

2013 Summer “Safety for Kids” Series (click here for articles)

Speaker’s Bureau and Community Programs

Our clinical staff members are available to educate the community on a broad range of developmental, educational, psychological, pastoral and mental health issues.
We speak to church groups, including Stephen Ministers; school groups of teachers or parents, physician practices and hospital grand rounds, and other community organizations. Call 704-554-9900 to ask about scheduling and fees.  For listing of upcoming events, please see our events calendar.   Some sample topics:

About Adults:

  • Too Tired to Care: When Is Fatigue Really Depression and What to do About It
  • The Child is the Parent: Coping with Caring for Aging Parents
  • Ouch, My Back!: Coping with Chronic Pain
  • One For the Road: When Is Drinking More Than Enough and What to Do About It

Special Topics:

  • From Oprah to the Nightly News: Sexual Abuse in Our Society, Its Consequences and How to Heal
  • “I Ran Into A Door”: Domestic Violence in Our Community
  • Watching the Clock: What To Do When You Can’t Sleep
  • The Harm of Homophobia: Understanding and Intervening in Homophobia

About Children & Adolescents:

  • Assessment as an Asset: The Value of Intellectual, Educational, and Psychological Testing and How To Know When Your Child Could Benefit
  • Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders: Talking to Your Kids About Bullying
  • The Charlotte Teen Drug Scene: What Parents Need to Know and What They Need to Do
  • Fasting, Bingeing, and Stuffing: Eating Disorders Among Adolescents and How Parents Can Help

About Couples 

  • Sex, Money & In-Laws: A Program for the Almost Married
  • Do I Dare Try Again? Dating, Marriage and Family After Divorce
  • Marriage & Reproduction: Marriage After Infertility, Miscarriage, Child Loss, or Post-Partum Depression
  • The Long Good-Bye: Marriage Through Aging, Illness and Death